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Published Apr 6, 2020 by karen-dean for me:my™team

Thanks for exploring me:my™team



Quickly benefitting from me:my™team, whether you are a team coach or team leader.

Using me:my™team is simple for small teams and organisations, as well as large organisations with many internal teams.


It's also absolutely free to get started by setting up your account. Costs are only incurred when you decide to purchase licenses for your team members. If you find benefit using me:my™team and want to extend it to new users and new teams - just pay as you go - simple!



1. Sign up to create your account (this is free)


2. Add users [team members] to your account



3. License users [team members] to engage in the team assessment




We will send your team members an email welcoming them to me:my™team with instructions about how they sign in and complete their individual assessment for the team assessment.

Please note: When using me:my™team it's important that all team members focus on a particular context, as they respond to the survey statements. This context must be agreed with the team coach/leader e.g. 'virtual working', or 'weekly meetings' or 'project reviews'

Once the individual assessments are complete:


4. As the account administrator, you can then review the team performance and detailed feedback which is anonymised. [This information is available once three team members have completed their contribution, in order to protect confidentiality.]



Large organisation with many teams?

If you belong to a large organisation with many teams that you would like to benefit from me:my™team, you can easily organise your 'Users' [team members] into as many 'Groups' [teams] as you need, and assign 'Group Administrators' [team leaders/coaches]. Group Administrators then have permission to view the overall anonymised performance and recommendations of the teams. [Bulk import features make it easy to quickly set up in large organisations]


Begin by signing up to create your account!


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